Sunday, October 13, 2013

_____the present perfect__tense

"3D Printed" Brain (*)
About 3D Printing...
(do not) fill in the gaps

Currently, it is fashionable to talk about 3D. _____________________Almost politically correct. ____________________________We 3D Print, anything and everything. _____________________We 3D Watch, anything and everything. _______However, We 3D Think,... Less and less. ______________Soon, we will talk about 4D, 5D,... ? ______________for a "Present Perfect World"... ____________________________xD World. ____________________________The next logical. ________________4D will be the Fast-Forwarding 3D. _______Et cetera. _____________________Consciously and assuredly. ____________________________Meanwhile, xD Thinking will have been definitely rewound... ____________________________Why this Obsession with the D ? _____________________Don't we ever lived, dreamed, thought in All dimensions? ____________________________How and why a 3D World would be better for us today? _____________________Even more today than yesterday (or tomorrow)? ____________________________Don't we ever, as architects, conceived, imagined, even builds? ______________3D? ___________________________________Time is "3D Printed" untiringly on our "Chefs-d'oeuvre"... _____________________More and more. _____________________4D? ____________________________Nevertheless, we did not had to loudly proclaim it! _____________________[Sometimes and some place, "Preservation" does it well for us]. ______________3D Printing, as many other attempts, could be fatal. _____________________Unfair competition! _____________________One more (Temptation). ____________________________Of course, we always made (printed) models. _____________________Blue foam, plexiglas, carton, plastic models. _____________________Sometimes, text and thinking models. _____________________But, not enough "Critical models"... _____________________3D Printing should help to, not replace! __________________In 20xx, xD Thinking should subsist, above all. _________________________________

(in 217 words, lines, symbols, et cetera.)
(*)_______ #Paradoxical #Pathetic #Surrealistic #Troubling #Conflictual