Saturday, October 21, 2023

#TechForUnity Manifesto

Dear Global Tech Community,

In the wake of recent tragic events that have shaken our world, we, the dedicated actors within the global technological ecosystem, come together to proclaim our shared mission: to champion unity, responsibility, and human progress at the heart of every innovation.

What a Wonderful World™
1. Humanity at the Core: Beyond the code and gadgets, we must remember that each product, each line of code, impacts lives. We prioritize human well-being, respecting the dignity of every individual and acknowledging the intrinsic value of every life.

2. Unifying Technology: Technology should be a tool that breaks down barriers rather than erecting them, promoting mutual understanding and connection. We commit to creating tools that bring people closer, regardless of their background, culture, or beliefs.

3. Ethics and Responsibility: Every advancement must be guided by a strong ethical compass. We recognize the profound impact our work can have and pledge to shoulder that responsibility, ensuring our innovations benefit all and protect our planet.

4. Enlightened Education: We advocate for a tech education that prepares future generations to be not just competent, but also conscious of the social, environmental, and ethical implications of technology.

5. Inclusive Collaboration: Our strength lies in the diversity of our voices. We value and actively seek contributions from everyone, irrespective of their origin, gender, age, or abilities. Together, we can reach unparalleled heights.

6. Resilience and Hope: Even in the darkest times, we are committed to finding the light of hope. With perseverance, we use technology as a beacon, illuminating the path to a brighter, more united future. In conclusion, we call upon every stakeholder in the tech ecosystem: let every click, every code, every creation reflect this commitment to unity, humanity, and a harmonious future. In the face of tragedy, let's choose hope. In the face of division, unity. In the face of indifference, responsibility. Join us.

Together, let's ensure technology serves as a bridge, not a barrier.

Parad: More than free, it is freedom
#BridgeNotBarrier #TechForGood #AIforGood


1. What A Wonderful World™
The magenta-hued world map accompanying our manifesto is more than just an artistic representation; it embodies our core message. By inverting the cardinal directions, we challenge convention and encourage viewers to perceive the world from diverse perspectives. The vibrant magenta symbolizes universal love and unity, reminding us that in our interconnected world, every action reverberates across boundaries. This image invites us to reconsider our roles, urging us to weave the threads of technology, empathy, and unity into a tapestry of positive change. Just as our manifesto propels the tech community towards unity and progress, this illustration reinforces that technology, when harnessed correctly, can paint a 'Wonderful World' for us all.

2. Parad: More than free, it is freedom
Introducing Parad - our bold endeavor that stands at the cusp of an economic revolution, poised to reshape society towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

Nacym Baghli
Cofounder & CEO, Parad Inc.
October 21, 2023