XXII Triennale di Milano

The Bay as a RRR/t
Nacym & Sihem Baghli (c) 2019
We are glad and honoured to be part of "Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival" and represent Algeria at La Triennale di Milano this year with our vision ⁦Algiers20xx, part of the ‪Djisr El Djazaïr project, with the following statement: "The Bay as a Repairing, Reunifying and Reconciling Territory"

Nacym & Sihem Baghli /////// ALGERIA
Architects + Co-founders of the « Djisr El Djazaïr » vision/project
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2018 - "I believe we are at a time in society where open and honest communication is not only necessary, but revolutionary. When governments and political systems are no longer a reference point for progress, we look to other places, such as creative institutions, to facilitate that dialogue. Our aim is to change the definition of what it is to be a cultural centre; the Triennale will be a place of reflection and debate, connected with the contemporary culture in a dynamic way that offers new point of view on topics that lie at the very core of our global society."
"The XXII Triennale di Milano, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, highlights the concept of restorative design and studies the state of the threads that connect humans to their natural environments..."
Algiers, in 20xx, view from space...
Paola Antonelli

Broken Nature: Repaired?
"The Bay as a Repairing, Reunifying and Reconciling Territory"

A - Djisr El Djazaïr /////// For a strong and founding act of the new Algiers – 21.09.2017
B - Algiers20xx /////// International Ideas Competition – 27.06.2018
C - La Rencontre d’Alger /////// Towards a Disruptive Urbanism? – 26.01.2019
Broken Nature
Official logo - la Triennale di Milano, 2019
D - La Triennale di Milano /////// The Bay as a Repairing, Reunifying and Reconciling Territory - 28.02.2019

IX Triennale di Milano, 1951
Intervento di Le Corbusier al convegno De Divina Proportione
a - Nacym & Sihem Baghli: La Rencontre d’Alger - Poster, 2019
b - Nacym & Sihem Baghli: Algiers20xx - the Matrix, 2018
c - Nacym Baghli: Photomontage - View from the ISS - Photo by Thomas Pesquet, 2017
d - Nacym Baghli: Bay of Algiers/Manhattan - Google Earth, 2012
e - Gillo Pontecorvo: The Battle of Algiers, 1966
f - Le Corbusier: Plan Obus, 1930
g - Unknown: Dassault Mystère IV - Collection Pierre Jarrige - Alger, 1960
h - Akram Azizi: Smart Islands - Algiers20xx - First incentive prize, 2019
i - Nacym Baghli: I LOVE DZ - Text + Logo, 2017
j - John Ogilby: Old Mediterranean Map - Algiers, 1690
k - Bellin Jacques-Nicolas: Plan de la Baye d'Algers et ses Environs, 1764
l - P.J. Witdoeck, Colonel Rottiers: Carte de la Baie d'Alger, 1828
m - Nacym & Sihem Baghli: DZAIR J’DIDA / Algiers20xx - Text, 2018
n - Nacym Baghli: DZAIR Q’DIMA / Chère Lalla - Text, 2018
o - Nacym & Sihem Baghli: Hope - Living together, 2018
p - Nacym Baghli: Photomontage - Bay of Algiers + Vasco da Gama bridge, 2017

More information to come.
N & S Baghli

Broken Nature
La Triennale di Milano

1 - RRR/t Official poster - la Triennale di Milano, 2019
2 - Algiers, in 20xx, view from space...
Original photo: Thomas Pesquet
Algiers from the International Space Station
Photomontage: Nacym Baghli
3 - Broken Nature - Official logo
4 - Le Corbusier at la IX Triennale di Milano, 1951