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Nacym Baghli (Venice, 2014)
/////// Synopsis /// Nacym Baghli (1972, Algiers) is an ]Architect[™ + [x]Entrepreneur, starting now PARAD.xyz in San Francisco, a tech-collaborative company /// He is also launching Algiers20xx, an international ideas competition related to Disruptive Urbanism /// He describes himself as Eclectic, 'Agitateur' of ideas, Researcher, Curator, [Post]Critic & (Free?)Radical /// He believes more in the urban/social s(t)imulation by algorithms rather than in coming conventional Smart Cities /// He aspires to reinvent some out-of-dated disciplines /// He co-founded arfen | baghli architects in 1995, an ACU (Architectural Crisis Unit) rather than a common architectural practice /// According to Nacym, architecture should be innate, impulsive and radical and claims, when/if necessary, the right 'to abstinence' /// Thus, his website (unlike his blog) highlights the absence of any architectural activity /// He studies the Carcass™, an unidentified building type /// For him, it represents 'la Quintessence de l'Architecture' and it is his primary concern as both its sources and its ramifications remain unexpected (unpredictable) /// He noticed that the WiiCulture™, Wireless Culture, is being the contemporary way (by far) for the dissemination and propagation of all forms of knowledge /// Nacym received his Baccalauréat at 15 and then graduated from EPAU/Algiers in 1994 with honors /// He then worked as postgraduate fellow in the field of Preservation while teaching at the same school /// He completed his formation with an MBA in 2004 /// He co-founded the fenCLUB, a discussion group that confronts Architecture with various disciplines. It aims to become a Criticism Generator /// He believes in the improbable synergy generated by the Algiers/NY/YourCity/20xx equation /// He is projecting the ElDjazaïr20xx vision through his fen ®esearch program and organized in 2010 TEDxEl-Djazaïr, the first TEDx event in Algeria /// He also founded Mars20xx in 2011, a think-tank on the urbanizing issue of Mars /// Following several critical letters he wrote to xxxxxxx, he had the honor of meeting with them in several places across the world... Unreal (?) /// Nacym Baghli lives and works in Algiers + San Francisco + WWW + @TheCloud + ?!! ///////