Le fond et non la forme. Le fond plus que la forme. L'espace critique.

(the) fenCLUB, founded by Nacym+Sihem Baghli in 2010,
is a discussion group that confronts Architecture
with other/different disciplines (art, philosophy, media,...)
It aims to become a Criticism Generator.
Nacym+Sihem have been rapidly joined by a few friends, thereby forming the fenCLUB's hard core.
The inaugural meeting was held in their office/gallery,the Critical Space, in Algiers on december 2010.
Themes are random.
Meetings are random.
Publications are random.
Platform: Physical / Virtual
Network: Local / Global
Tools? WiiCulture™
(not) FREE and (not) OPEN to (all) PUBLIC


AA Visiting School - Algiers / Mittelmeerland
El Gusto, Film documentary by Safinez Bousbia (2012, 88 mn)
Projection + Debate at the fenCLUB
Nov. 2012

With the kind contribution of Safinez for providing us the film in english subtitled version.

Private Event

Arslane / Papillon & Horizon
Exhibition at fen gAllery
from 01/02/2011 to 01/27/2011