Thursday, July 5, 2012

RE: Decolonized Ar(t)chitecture

Masse Project © 2012 Nacym Baghli Architects
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by Nacym Baghli
Updated (7.11.2012)

Excerpted from 'Common Ground, Common Wall', Project submitted to selection for the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale (13th International Architecture Exhibition, Common Ground, directed by David Chipperfield)
Credits (text and illustration) : RE: Decolonized Ar(t)chitecture / Common Ground, Common Wall / Masse Project © 2012 Nacym Baghli Architects (All rights reserved)

a Letter,
une Correspondance,

Dear _____,
Thanks for the comment.
Indeed, it is often difficult to identify the original intentions of an approach or a process, whatsoever. It is in this case, in my remarks, to assert the motivations and perception of the Architect/Architecture compared to his/its environment (geography, society, culture, ...). Perception devoid of any media interference, spontaneous, almost innate! The ideological wall (monument / reflect) is systematically erected and stands on the physical ground (container, receptacle) through the grid and time perspective. This duality thus formed, ephemeral or persistent, real or illusory, provides a referential, mental and spatial coordinates to the various elements and actors. It opposes and confirms the different perceptions.
In my initial project, the concern was focused on the city of Algiers and its relative/absolute scale (Synapse). In a second step, it concerns Algiers and its report to the 'Colonial Heritage', RE: Decolonized Ar(t)chitecture. And recently, the opportunity was given to me through the theme of the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, Common Ground, to expand the field of my thought and synthesize most of my concerns (MASSE Project).
Perhaps this sentence could summarize the problematic : What about the role of the Architect/Architecture in the city and society today?... This timeless (chess)board on which are ‘plotted’ and reflected past, present and future ideologies. What I called the (G/W)t system…
to what purpose ?
Make Une Halte (break) by suspending the Architect/Architecture in order to isolate the 'intellectual act' from the rest of the process…
for what result ?
… and Stop (among other actions) doing/making Apology of the (constructing) Material to the detriment of the (gray) Matter.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

(Special thanks to AO, who inspired this letter, for his precious comments...)