Wednesday, April 17, 2013

La Double Peine ?

'The Day After' © 1995-2013 | Nacym Baghli Architects

Dear All,
Friends, Colleagues, (potential) Customers and (perfect) Strangers,
We are pleased to announce today the entry into our 19th Year of (non) practice.
19, As many unrealized (and misunderstood) projects for us.
Indeed, we fully assume our (intellectual) independence and therefore the direct consequences…
We are proud.
Just like this 'Whitened Carcass' today,
'Before, and for a long time' © 1995-2013 | Nacym Baghli Architects
We hope as well opening a new Page.
(We designed it in 1995. It has, since, totally escaped us)
A new Page for a new Era,
A new Era to a better understanding of our values and our vision as Architects.
A true dialogue, finally.
However, 'Zero Tolerance' will always inspire our philosophy.
Greetings from Algiers,
Nacym Baghli Architects