Friday, June 21, 2013

In a few words ...

Denise Scott Brown & Robert Venturi
Photo: George Pohl
About the Kritzper*,
This text is a tribute to Denise Scott Brown**.

For some (of us, architects) it is synonym of:
Dream. Goal. Ambition. Purpose. Finality. Supremacy. Power.
For others:
Disillusion. Disappointment. Disapproval. Injustice. Interrogation. Critical. Decadence.

The firsts are the fervent supporters of Starchitectism***.
The seconds are the ardent opponents to Starchitectism.
Both represent a negligible Minority.

Between the two, (un)fortunately:
The great Majority.
It does not comment.

These are (simply) the Architects.

* Anagram of the Pritzker (prize), thus, it could be any other 'prestigious' architecture award.
** It is inspired by her case.
*** (Star) + Ar(chitect)ure + Illusion(ism)