Sunday, August 9, 2015


HOPE /Cliché(s)
Photomontage: © Nacym Baghli, 2015
Hope, in Architecture, or these mixed feelings made of illusion, and disillusion.

Chicago Architecture Biennial
PROPOSAL /// The State of the Art of Architecture
(Nacym+Sihem) Baghli Architects, March 2015
Photo: © Nacym Baghli, 2014

The State of the Art of Architecture
/// [The State of the Art] of Architecture
/// The State of [the Art of Architecture]
Two readings (at least). Several possibilities.

Illusion /Introduction
Dear xxxxxxx,
Thank you very much for your message.
I visited Chicago a few weeks ago, and I was (like every time) highly inspired by the City.
Of course, I will be more than happy to respond positively to your request and, hopefully, make a contribution to 'The State of the Art of Architecture'. This theme, in my view, will generate a very important and 'so critical' debate, smartly highlighted and skillfully distilled by xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx, especially after 'fundamentals'... I always said that there will be a before and an after 'fundamentals', not because of the exhibition itself, but more about the contemporary condition of architecture (and not the reverse). From my point of view, we are really at a major turning point, an I am sure that Chicago will embody this 'fresh start' and breathe new life into Architecture with this coming... may I say "état des lieux"?. For all this, 'The State of the Art of Architecture' is more than welcome, and even crucial...
I will share with you, as soon as possible, my thoughts on the the subject.
Thanks again for the kind request.

Photo: © Nacym Baghli, 2014
New start for architecture.
Chicago as receptacle.
Not a coincidence.
Chicago was at the avant-garde.
Chicago, Iconic. Cliché(s).
Chicago may embody (once again) the future.
The future of architecture.
The (new) state of the art.
The State of the Art of Architecture.

New Era
Excerpts from > “Rem’s Cadavre Exquis”
[…] Terribilità. There will be definitely, in this brilliant Final Act, a before and an after Fundamentals. […]
Architecture has always been mingled (and confounded) with the City.
Urbanism, with Design.
etc., etc., etc.
As many crossovers into so many disciplines.
It will be no longer acceptable.
Pebble Time on Kickstarter
Smart is not (necessarily) Green.
Sustainable is not (perforce) Fashionable.
At this turning point, there will be no place for this comfortable confusion.
Technology will set the record straight.
It is Time. Time of the Future.
Time to re-compartMentalize, to deMentalize.
deMentalize rather than (excessively) intellectualize.
Architecture is, no more, no less, Architecture.
This is The State of Art of Architecture.

Critical New Era
Kiosk - Awesome Architecture. No Compromises.
Photomontage: © Nacym Baghli, 2015
Architecture should be backed, Kickstarter(ed), Indiegogo(ed). (*)
Architecture will be backed by consumers.
Architecture will be, for the first time, directly confronted to its real consumers.
Its inhabitants.
Architecture will be a Product/Service, serving the consumer.
Architecture, by the consumer, and for the consumer.
Not a private delirium, or a personal whim.
Fetichism would no longer have a place in this capharnaüm.

The Lakefront Kiosk Proposal
Photomontage: © Nacym Baghli, 2015
Parenthèses /Unexpected
Blade Runner?
Technology will thus engender the Smart-Generic-City. Not the intellectualized one.
Exit empty Manifestos.
Excite the City.
Real-Culture for Real-Architecture.
The Culture of the future. The Future of culture.
WiiCulture™, the Wireless Culture.
Blade Runner.

Excerpts from > “Architecture & Fetichism”
[…] Contemporary values seems to be:
Form, more than Content.
Concept, more than Space.
Diagram, more than Function.
Complexity and Vacuity.
Tallness and Emptiness.
[…] We will more and more 'Pretext', and Pretend to, Intelligence by (second rate) Mixing Genres.
Intermixing Volumes. Forcing Structures.
We will desperately 'Use and Abuse' of Technology.
All this, in an useless entanglement of True/Bad ideas.

Desillusion /Proclamation
Photo: © Nacym Baghli, 2015
Architecture should be reflective.
Not only objective, nor subjective.
Architecture should reflect the society by reflecting the future of the society.
Architecture will be an envelope for technology.
Architecture challenge will be to envelope the technology for the society.
A Package.
A Receptacle.
A Reflect.
A Box.

Chicago Architecture Biennial
October 3, 2015 - January 3, 2016
Artistic Directors: Joseph Grima & Sarah Herda
(*) Kickstarter / Indiegogo